NEW Beginning Muay Thai “6 weeks Course – 10 Classes per week” for only £50 (Starts 2nd Nov)

27th October 2017

This is an option for those who have never done any Martial Arts before. The course will start on Thursday 2nd November and we can only sign up 20 warriors for it. The course is a 6 weeks program with 3 Thai Boxing classes per week. Classes are at 7pm on Tuesdays, 9:30am and 6:30pm on Thursdays, 11:15am on Saturdays. Learn it from scratch if you have never been taught before. There is no point trying to move to fast with Martial Arts, basics and fundamentals are the key and learning how to punch or kick the correct way is a must.

Our instructors are very patient and knowledgeable, they will be pleased to guide you so don’t be shy or embarrassed, the others in our gym are here to learn just like you. This course will also give you access to all our Muay Thai bootcamp classes showing on our timetable so:


This is a Bargain and you definitely don’t want to miss out 🙂 See you all in the gym.

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