Qoya Love – Gratitude

17th October 2017

**Note i DO NOT want the money to be in your way to experience my class – so come and donate as much as you feel is fair on the day **

Intentions in Qoya stem from our internal challenges, what we think we need assistance with right now, what we want more in our lives, what we wish to shift, shade, let go off or it can also be an intention for someone else or something else, as long as it is meaningful to you.

Like in any ritual, journeying, healing we open up to the intention
and embrace it with our whole being. In Qoya through conscious movement that is so gentle, so intuitive, so you, it feels good and it has no limits.

As of 22nd of October, the classes will take place at Wassmuffin Martial Arts Academy, first class there will be dedicated to Gratitude.

Gratitude for our lives, little detail and the bigger picture, for all the blessings we want to see more and carry on moment by moment into our reality. Growing attitude of gratitude allows us to flow and manifest more amazing expected and unexpected blessings. Come and join in reverence to yourself and your wise, wild and free spirit.

It will be our regular time to gather, so if you cannot make it this time come the following Sunday – this one will be all about Giving and its importance. If you want to receive more of something, you need to give more of it… it’s as simple as that – sharing is caring 🙂

Intu Expression is my commitment to spread the love through my own and others expression of the intuitive movement. Intrinsically we have it all in us and our body knows exactly what it needs in any given moment, as long as we keep on tuning into our inner knowing (intuition) we cannot go wrong. As in Qoya – there is no wrong or right – if it feels good – it means you are doing it right. And that is what I stand for – the diversified experience, the sharing of our intricate uniqueness, when we join in the sacred movement of embodying our: wise, wild and free feminine essence.
​Qoya is a movement system put together by Rochelle Shieck (http://www.qoya.love/movement-videos/)

I would love to introduce Qoya love to all my called goddess sisters. To me we are all gods and goddesses – we often forget how powerful we all are. Goddess is so misunderstood in today’s society. Qoya – means just that – Goddess and serves to bring this beautiful, powerful, confident energy in us through remebering in movement.

It is a movement system that allows you to re-connect with your wise, wild and free feminine essence.

It is based on:
– yoga as prayer teachings,
– sense of a wild we derive from our free dance expression
– and freedom from getting in touch with our sensual nature.

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I am… Iga – mother, dancer, peace seeker, follower of spiritual truth, feminine consciousness rising advocate, free spirit, plant-eater, non-toxic and clean Earth dreamer, un-schooler and free-ranger…

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