Open Muay Thai isn’t a class! This is an open session to do your own training, bag work, pad work with a mate, weight, anything you like really!

While you there, an instructor or a team member will call you in the ring for 3 rounds of 3 minutes pad work where you will learn technical drills and perfect your technique. However, this is not happening until the instructor see sweat dripping on your face from doing your own thing.

Our team is really friendly and there will always be someone to guide you if you feel lost. If you are not use to come training without being told what to do, this is the best way to do it and meet new friendly people.  Come try it, you will not regret it!  Its £5 per hour as always so if you stay for 1 hour and 30 minutes then its £7.50.

We have everything you need, just bring YOURSELF 🙂

Event Hours

10:30 - 13:00

Event Details