There is no contract so no Direct Debit to set up, you can buy a membership for a month or pay as you go daily or even buy a group of 12 sessions to use in the month as you pleased. If you wish to keep training with us then you will have to renew your payment monthly and it can be done very easily with our new system called MINDBODY.

All our classes have to be booked via the MINDBODY platform. To book with us you will have to download the “free” app from the App Store (MINDBODY APP) then login to it using your email address or Facebook profile.

Once logged in, you will be able to search for our gym “Wassmuffin Martial Arts”  then view our schedule and price list. All you have to do then is put your bank details and book the class you wish to attend.

The only way to monitor the amount of students allowed on our mats in this current situation is to use a booking system, if your name is not showing on our booking list for the class, you will not be able to attend so please make sure you book every class you wish to come to.  

Anyone working out at our gym has to pay an insurance fee for the year, please see the link below for more details:

Parents have to complete the enrolment form for any kids training with us then use the Mindbody app to book classes for them.

Click here to complete the form for your kids! 



Please see our price list and deals below…

Pay As You Go:

£10 per hour.

 Unlimited sessions for Kids: 

£70 per month for all kids or juniors class on our timetable.  If the child is doing well, we will also give access to other classes if interested. That is a minimum of 7 classes per week and more depending on how dedicated the child is.

Twin package “2 siblings living together”:

£119.22 per month.

3 siblings package:

£162.22 per month

Unlimited sessions for adults:

£90 per month for full access to any classes showing on our timetable and full access to the gym on open gym hours.

12 classes per month / Does not include Bjj classes: 

£80 per month. (This is only for Muay Thai, Boxing and bootcamp classes)