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18th August 2018

To all our members or Pay as you go students training at WASSMUFFIN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY.  

On the 1st August 2018 this is our Gym anniversary ❤️?? yes people! It has been already a year since we first opened our doors to the public. We did not charge any of our customers the £25 insurance fees for the first year as a nice business gesture to make it easier and accessible to you all. However, from August everyone will have to pay this fee to access our gym safely.

The only members exempted from this fee are our faithful Platinum members.

The insurance Fee for the year is:

£40 for those paying for the Family Package

£25 adults. “Over 18 years old”

£20 juniors. “Over 10 years old”

£15 kids. “Over 3year years old”

This fee will be renewable on the 1st August every year unless you are a faithful platinum member. “Faithful means if you have never cancelled or changed your membership since you have joined us”

Platinum members will still have to pay for their kids or juniors fee if they are training with us as part of this package.

The £40 fee for the Family package will cover 2 adults and 2 kids.


Wassmuffin Academy 

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